It feels like that. Hectic. Busy. Time moving at a rapid pace. Once again, it is the end of another school holiday period. New school term. New school shoes.

The new doesn’t stop there. We also have new beds, one of those single/double bunk beds, single bed up top, double below. Once again I have created more space, weirdly enough. I now have a double bed to sleep in after about 4 years of sleeping on a single bed. No, I am still single, only the status of the bed has changed !!

One of the old beds is being re-purposed into a few different things, the materials will all be reused. The other bed is to be sold.

I have also managed to re-organise my workshop/garage, and now my trailer can fit undercover too. It is about to have a bit more work done on it, as one of the rails that I reused from the old trailer has snapped, I knew it was not in the best shape, and now the atrocious roads around here have done their best. Needless to say, this is where part of 1 of the old beds is going to get re-purposed. I also have some sheets of tin I saved from an old oven which I am going to cut down for a new front panel on the trailer as well. I hope to get that project done before the end of the week.

I am now also over a week into a pretty bad flare up of the Fibromyalgia, but am gritting my teeth and trying to keep going, this whole distraction technique thing I have used to keep my Manic Depression in check also is useful with the Fibro too. It doesn’t make it stop, but if you occupy your mind on other things, you get some sort of mental respite from the pain, even if the physical aspect of the pain is still present.

I’ve found the fibro fog thing is a pretty big problem though. Recently my folks went away to North Queensland for about a week, and before they went I couldn’t remember the dates they were going and coming back, I was having to constantly ask what the dates were. I went shopping on Friday, knew before I went that I needed some batteries and some laundry soaker, and forgot them. Then there are the shorter term things, thinking of doing something, and in the time it takes to go from one room to the other, it has vanished from my mind, so I find myself standing there, trying really hard to remember why the fuck I got up and went to that room. Luckily, most of the time I do remember. It is so bloody frustrating. I know it’s not dementia ( well, I hope it’s not anyhow !!), because when I am not having major issues with the fibro, it goes away.

Finally, the REAL Winter weather has finally arrived, about a month later than usual. Gale force winds, freezing cold and rain. I suppose I should be thankful that it is a month late, as it is the worst time of the year. Being housebound sucks.


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