Hitting head against brick walls and other exciting adventures…….

Do they hand pick doctors making assessments for government agencies from the list of the most incompetent?

Finally, after months waiting, I got a phone call from Human Services telling me that I have had my claim for Disability Support Pension (DSP) rejected. Apparently reports from both my GP and a specialist, along with copious medical test results, is not enough medical evidence. I can contest it, which I will be, but now I have to go through the process of getting even more in depth letters from my doctor about it all, if you can get any more in depth than what I have provided already. More stress, more aggravation of my condition due to that stress. They really are a bright bunch, aren’t they?

I have read some accounts from other people who have applied for DSP because of their Fibromyalgia, and have had this result initially, then appealing the decision and finally getting one of the government doctors who has a relative who suffers from it as well approve it, because they knew exactly what it was like for the sufferer. I believe that some in the medical profession probably don’t believe in it, just like i have encountered a doctor who didn’t believe that asthma was a real thing, ultimately delaying treatment for my son which resulted in him having a massive asthma attack and being hospitalised. This is just my opinion, but if you don’t believe in medical conditions that may only be recently described, then you shouldn’t be a doctor.

For a couple of hours after the phone call, I was on the brink of tears, knowing that I will have to subject myself to further stress, exacerbating my condition as a result, to see this to what I can see as the only logical conclusion. I’ve now had a nice hot shower, washing away the dirty feeling that had overcome me, and the heat obviously relaxing me a bit.

It seems to me that in making decisions like this, these bureaucrats seem to want to waste people’s time, and the governments money. Currently, I am on a parenting payment, which has a requirement to look for work. They have already decided I have a disability, because I have to visit a disability employment provider fortnightly. The case worker there knows that me gaining employment is as much a possibility as a unicorn being real. This employment agency is paid massive amounts of government money to find me work that doesn’t exist. It would be at least $15,000 a year cheaper for them to just pay me DSP. But no, they want to waste all that money, they want to waste the employment agency’s time, they want to waste prospective employers time, they want to waste my time. Waste, waste, waste, all the while making my condition worse by putting me through all the unnecessary stress. No other way to say it, they are fuckwits.

Before the current government was in power, someone like me, with medical evidence from a GP, and from a Specialist in the field of disability, would have not had to go through this. The advice of the specialist and GP would have been accepted, because, you know, they are experts in what they do. But now we have a government who doesn’t actually care about it’s citizens. It wants to be just like the USA, where the sick, those injured at work, those who find themselves in situations not in their control, are left to suffer and die. We used to be a country that cared, not anymore. I hope Karma comes around to these heartless bastards, and I hope she hits them hard. Karma’s a bitch.

I suppose it all comes down to this era of greed. Everyone wants to pay less tax. Then they wonder why nobody is there to help them when they hit rock bottom. They wonder why their roads are disintegrating around them. They wonder why every time they go to a government agency that it takes a century for anything to happen. In all the time I paid income tax ( I still pay tax, GST, registration fees, fuel excise, the list goes on), I never once complained about it, and never expected to pay less, as I knew that it was part of my obligation to society, to a society that kept us safe, healthy and without fear of unrest, or worse. Taxes make sure society runs smoothly, that nobody needlessly suffers. My only objection to this is the fact that billions are spent blowing people up with those taxes as well. If those billions were spent on looking after people, then the necessity for all those bombs and bullets would evaporate.

End of rant.


P.S. I am feeling much better as a result of that shower. I won’t let this get me down, but I think it is only natural to feel deflated upon hearing news such as this, hopefully the $50 million lotto draw tonight goes in my favour, then I won’t have to worry about these toss pots ever again.



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