It’s back again…..

Yep, yet another flare. The IBS is definitely a sign that it is coming. Terrible, terrible IBS last night and early this morning, and now almost agony. The last flare up lasted a couple of days, then subsided for a couple, and now this one has hit even harder. I am experiencing everything. Pain, fibro fog, temperature sensitivity, bloody everything. The weather is cold, and I have had the heater going all day, it is a warm 21 degrees inside, yet I am feeling freezing. No bloody fun at all.

Good news is that I am still losing weight. As much as it hurts, I am still getting that extra exercise, and still making sure I keep my sugar intake to a minimum. ( Doesn’t mean I don’t have a treat, just not so often !!)

I had planned to write a longer post, but I am having a few problems with my hands, and because it is frustrating me, I might leave it here for the moment. Cheers.


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