Late yesterday I started experiencing an extreme amount of pain just below my right hip, in the muscle running down the outside of my thigh. It wasn’t coming from my hip, just below. Putting weight on it doesn’t make it hurt, but any movement does. I was over my parents place when it first started, so when I got home I dosed up on as much pain relief as I was able to. It eased it enough to get a bit of sleep, but it was an uncomfortable night. I was hoping it would be gone this morning, but no, it hasn’t, and I am once again dosed up on the maximum amount of painkillers I can have.

I am not sure what has caused it. I know I am having a flare of the fibro, but this is a different pain in itself. This is WAY more intense than fibro pain, so anyone who has fibro would know that this must be bad if it is worse than fibro flare pain !! I have passed out with pain only once in my life, when I was getting x-rays after a fall from a horse and they moved my shoulder to get it in a better position to x-ray, but last night it nearly became twice, as when I was getting out of the car when I got home, the pain was that bad.

Thinking about it this morning over my first coffee of the day, I have had a bit of a thought that it could possibly be related to my fall just over 12 months ago. I have been having intermittent pain in the same spot since the fall, as well as regularly having a lot of pain in my coccyx. I have never had any of this until I blacked out and fell straight on my bum last year. It was all x-rayed at the time, and apparently nothing was broken or anything like that, but I am now wondering whether that was actually true. Or maybe it’s nerve damage, who knows. All I know is that it really hurts right now.




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