Yummy Yum

Just finished a great little curry I made in the slow cooker today. Beef strips, veges and a butter chicken pre-made sauce. Yes, beef with a butter chicken sauce. It worked !! Even Mr 7 is enjoying it. Served on a bed of rice, it was the perfect dinner for a cold, wet, windy day.

I love cooking stuff in the slow cooker. Curries are my main thing, but even doing corned beef in it is great (might have to get one tomorrow when I go for my fortnightly shop !!) The best thing is that you can put it in in the morning, let it go all day, and then even if you are out when you would normally be cooking dinner, when you come in the door, the smell is divine and dinner is ready.

Over the past few days I have been heavily fatigued, so something like this is ideal. Put it on when a spurt of energy hits, and then even if I am nearly out on my feet at dinner time, it is already done. Very handy.

I am back to basically only making it through to about midday, at which point I am so tired I really need sleep. I have been going to bed between 7pm and 8pm, and waking at 7am, so you’d think with 11 or 12 hours of sleep it wouldn’t happen, but it does. Nothing I can do about it, that’s just what Fibromyalgia does.

I have recently acquired a new toy, one of those dash cameras for the car. Been trying it out to see what the different settings do, I think I have now got it right. I even made a short video with a movie making program earlier, added a music soundtrack, and it turned out okay for a first go. Once I get some more footage, I will have a play and see what I can come up with.

The next few days will be busy, my car is going in for a new timing belt to be fitted tomorrow, tyres in Mt Gambier, a bit over an hours drive away, on Saturday, and a little shopping while we wait, school committee meetings on Monday and then, finally, after a few years since I last had one, a massage on Tuesday. I can’t wait for that last one !!! Considering how fatigued I’ve been, Saturday is shaping to be quite a mission.




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