Worn Out Phoenix (Man.Dep, B.P., F.M, Sp, Hyp.)

I guess you hit a point where you see so many people with all these letters behind their names that you decide, I deserve some too !! So there they are, I might even put these behind my name on all correspondence from now on !!!

Why not, I’ve earnt them just as much as anyone with a M.D. or Dip. Psych behind their name. In fact, I bet I’m more of an expert in all my acronyms than they are.

Yes, a little madness has taken me over right now, what’s wrong with a little silliness, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand ? I’ve just been spending the past hour on grooming, my son mowed the undergrowth off my back earlier this afternoon, I’ve trimmed the overgrowth off the top of my head, and scrapped the stubble off my face. I even got the edge trimmer out for the nose and ears. Unfortunately every time I trim everything, more and more silver appears. I wish the silver threads on my head and face were actually silver, I might be able to make some money out of a trim !!!

My son is snuggled into my bed tonight, and soon I will join him, he’s been having a few nightmares, so we decided a sleep snuggled with dad tonight might help sort them out. Seeing I now have a double bed, instead of a single, there is room for it to happen now.

I’m scooting around the edges to avoid writing another post, to be honest. I want to write it, but will be feeling so exposed by doing so I am not sure if I feel comfortable yet, so I am basically writing about everything else instead !!! So nonsense it is !!

jhbwqevbnwertghwerjnvqlasdncweghfqi !!!!!!

I’ll get there…………………..


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