Filling in time

I have just finished consuming a homemade hamburger for dinner, and I am waiting for Mr 7 to finish watching a DVD which I really have no interest in. I really just want to retire to the warmth of my bed, but it is Friday night, so a little later night for Mr 7 seeing it is not a school night. If I was plain and simple single, I would be in bed now, but add to the single, “parent”, and you may as well be married !!!

This is going to be one of those posts where I go off on tangents, get back on track, only to wander off onto another tangent. I can feel it.

I don’t have anything against marriage, but I do, for me. I’ve been there, done that, and unless a truly amazing woman comes into my life who convinces me beyond all reasonable doubt that she is the one for the rest of my life, then I don’t intend on playing that game again. Considering I have been looking for that woman all my life, and I am now 40, the odds are against marriage for me ever again. Trust me, it IS overrated.

I have wandered back into the realm of online dating. Yeah. It’s about as exciting as getting your finger slammed in the car door. So as you can guess, nothing really much happening there, in fact, nothing really much happening in the romantic stakes at all. I don’t fucking know, it’s not as though I wouldn’t like to find someone, but it just ain’t happening. It’s not about sex, I want someone to enjoy spending time together with, but I guess having had a non – existent sex life for 7 years and 10 months it is getting to me a bit as well.

Wow, I have just put that in words. 7 years and 10 months. I don’t know what to say…………

So the cold weather has kicked in again yesterday and today, and the weather is supposed to be appalling over this weekend. Yay! Will go and visit my parents tomorrow, and am seriously thinking of going on an outing on Sunday, I haven’t taken my son out on a proper day trip for a while, mainly because my car was well overdue for it’s timing belt to be replaced, but now that’s done, I want to get him out into the countryside again. The weather might be bad, but I think we will go.

With the weather comes the worsening of every single ache and pain in my body. It’s been an ordeal this week, and the fatigue………the fatigue.

I have managed to complete the building of my little potbelly stove, and it works a treat. I have also done a heap of work in the shed sorting out the crap from the good stuff, and had a bit more of a clean out. It feels great to be getting so organised, by the time summer comes, I will have a great place to work, and be able to find everything !!

I have also managed to get out and do some pruning around the garden, in little spurts as I have felt enough energy to put in 10 minutes here and there. All my roses are pruned, I have trimmed back all the Canna Lillies, and tidied up the garden in front of my lounge room window. I am glad I put in a lot of energy 2 years ago when I was still well to get the garden sorted, as it is pretty much self sustaining, and I rarely have to weed, as I planted the garden beds out so that weeds couldn’t grow. It is a low maintenance garden, so I usually only have to do a little bit every few weeks, maybe 20 minutes at a time. That’s not including mowing though.

Well, I might drag my pain ravaged and heavily fatigued body off this chair, take my nightly handful of medical goodies, get in a shower, and go to bed. It has been an exhausting day.


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