Planting seeds

This could be metaphorical, or just plain and simple planting seeds. It is the latter !!!

Today, once I get my backside down to the hardware store to buy some seed raising mix, I am going to start getting my seedlings started off for planting in September, as long as they are going well by then.

I have packets of seed, two types of tomatoes, Tiny Tims and Grosse Lisse, some sweet corn, and sunflowers that will be the first cab’s off the rank. I only have 1 small bench top greenhouse to get them started in, so can only get a small number started, I am going to plant six of each of the tomatoes, as that should be plenty of plants for a bumper crop, and will plant 12 of each of the corn and sunflowers to start with. Once those are going strong, I will move them out of the greenhouse and get the next lot of corn and sunflowers going, along with some Asters. A good mix of productive and ornamental plants, I love having flowers to cut and put in vases inside, hence the Asters, and sunflowers are just magnificent to let do their thing in the garden. Also great for screening !!!

My plan is to start a new garden bed along the boundary between the neighbouring unit and mine, until now I haven’t done it as my former neighbour used to use my driveway and swing over the area to park on his front lawn, now he has moved out, it is time to try and see if this piece of dirt is a productive area. Most of my garden I have tried to grow food plants in, and most of it has been not very successful. It is a combination of poor drainage, slug and snail attack, not enough sunshine, and low soil fertility. I have been working hard on the last one, adding heaps of organic matter and fertiliser when the budget has permitted, and slowly the gardens are becoming more fertile, as the ornamental plants are growing a lot better these days.

Along the other boundary between my place and the house next door, I have had some success growing tomatoes and capsicums before, this time I am going to try some beans, last time they failed miserably, and snow peas, which also failed miserably, both mainly due to slugs and snails, and even though I had bombed the garden bed with slug pellets. Put it this way, there were so many snails, that the first ones would succumb to the pellets, and their shells would then become a bridge for the next lot to go across to eat my plants !!! On the other side of the fence, my neighbour has a good breeding ground for them, lot’s of piled up building materials and weeds, so I am thinking of trying something I found online the other day, a simple electric “fence”, made from garden wire, an empty plastic container, and a 9 volt battery. You staple two wires around a wooden box surrounding the plant, and connect them to the battery. I’ll give it a go and hopefully it works and I get a bountiful supply of beans and snow peas for summer stirfry’s and salads.

I will also plant some sunflowers for privacy along that fence as well.

The last thing I want to plant is marigolds and basil, basil will be in a large pot, and the marigolds for pest control around the food plants.

Hopefully, everything is a success, last time, especially with tomatoes, I was giving them away as I had so many, so hopefully it turns out that way again this time.



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