We had an adventure today.

I have been a bit slack with the whole going out exploring the countryside for the past 8 or 9 months, as I needed to get some work done to the car, and didn’t want a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Well now that’s done, we have resumed little day adventures this weekend.

Today’s journey took us to a couple of waterfalls, and then up into the Southern Grampians in Western Victoria, Australia.

We left at around 9.30am and got back around 4pm. Firstly, we visited Wannon Falls, and today was the greatest volume of water I have seen there so far. The roar was something that we hadn’t heard there either !!

Next, we headed 20 minutes up the road to Nigretta Falls, and it too was a lot more spectacular than we had seen before. What is normally a thin ribbon of water moving down the rockface was a full on torrent, and there was another cascade that normally doesn’t flow as well. It is down in a valley, and not a lot of wind down there usually, but the volume of water coming over the falls was creating quite a deal of gusty winds. Lot’s of spray and foam, was really quite amazing.

Then we headed on through Hamilton, grabbing a punnet of strawberries, water and some rolls for lunch, before heading up into the Victoria Valley. A nice drive through very large, majestic old gum trees, surrounded by the vast escarpments of the Grampians. We even came across a large family group of emu’s.

Then it was up over the mountain pass into the central valley of the Grampians, as we started heading back home. The weather was closing in by this stage, and we went through Dunkeld, and Penshurst, before turning towards Macarthur, and then on to home. Just as we came out of Macarthur, a stray sheep shot acroos the road in front of us as the rain was starting to come down. Was a bit of excitement to close off the day.

Since coming home, I have put together a couple of time lapse’s I took while out today, and reviewed a bit of the dashcam footage, and now, it is just about time for bed. The rain is coming down hard on the roof, and it is getting cold, so a hot shower and bed is beckoning.

I will leave you now with a couple of images from the day. Goodnight.

Wannon Falls


Emu’s in the Victoria Valley


Unfurling Banksia Cone in The Grampians


One of the vast array of rocky outcrops in The Grampians



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