Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Corn, Beans and Snow Peas, what next ?

So my landlord was next door this morning getting the unit next door ready for lease again, and have now seen, and approved of my planned garden beds out front for the veges and flowers.

I pegged them all out this morning, 4 in total, 1 in the backyard in a section that is usually quite damp and struggles keeping grass cover, and 3 patches on the front lawn. I have sent a message to a local chook farm to see if they have any chooky doo to add to the soil, and have sprayed all the lawn area that will now become garden with weed killer. Yes I know, not exactly the most environmentally friendly way of doing it, but when you have the health issues I have you have to make it easier somehow. In a couple of weeks it should be all ready for planting.

So apart from the vege’s I have listed in the title, and the flowers I listed in the previous post, I am now thinking of what else to plant. I will have a good sized area to plant out, about 20 square metres in total, I am also thinking of capsicums, lettuce, and probably some bok choy. I also have some potatoes growing in the backyard already, I chucked a whole heap of old ones into a garden a few years back, and they sprouted, I have already had 2 crops of the best spuds I have ever eaten, and I can see the plants are growing again, I will have to have a bit of a dig around in there in a month or so.

During summer, the cost of salad vegetables sky rockets, especially around Christmas, and seeing a big part of our Christmas lunch is salad, I am hoping that I have a good supply by then. It will save me a tonne of cash too, and you can’t buy veges as good as you can grow, the flavour of homegrown is far superior.

I am hoping to get a couple of large pots in the next week or so, as I have a packet of basil seeds, and will also get some mint as well, and get them going so I can add a bit of zest into the mix.

Oh, I keep forgetting something else. I have chives and some garlic growing in my side garden, the garlic is just sprouting now, and the chives are starting to kick off again, but seeing I pretty much leave them to do their own thing, I had totally forgotten they were there !!!

Anyhow, here’s a couple of snaps of the area’s I have marked out…..




3 thoughts on “Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Corn, Beans and Snow Peas, what next ?

    1. I’ve got a number of different flowers I intend on putting in, to attract butterflies and bees. We’ve got to look after our pollinators. Apart from my first initial use of weed killer, the rest of the pest control will be via natural means. I’ve been thinking of going back to a predominately vegetarian diet for myself, my growing son needs the protein of meat, and it doesn’t mean I will go full veg, but mostly. I’ve done it before, and don’t mind it, but I will still do dairy, as soy milk is the most disgusting stuff ever dreamt up by man.

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      1. I have to agree, soy milk is no milk substitute. Having grown up on a cattle ranch with a milk cow nobody could convince me otherwise.

        Nice to hear you’re keeping pests away naturally. Hard to believe what pesticides are used on mainstream food these days.

        A vegetarian diet, in my opinion, is great for some, and others may leave them feeling nutritionally lacking. In my very little knowledge on the topic I’ve read that blood type plays into that. Type A = good for vegetarian, type O needs some meat. But who really knows. 😊 Good luck with your soil, hopefully it’ll all progress as you’re hoping for and you’ll be frequented by butterfly’s and bees!


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