Pre-Spring Gardening

So as you can tell, I am taking advantage of a small window of non-rainy weather to get some of my pre-spring gardening sorted. I might be feeling like crap, wracked by pain from another flare up of the Fibromyalgia, but I am not going to feel any better sitting around doing nothing, so being out in a bit of sunshine improving my outdoor environment seems like a good idea. It’s a slow process, as I can only manage 10 to 20 minutes before I have to have a rest for an hour or so, but perseverance is the key, yes, it might take a long time, but when I am sitting in my back yard in Summer enjoying the sun and surrounded by growing food and a beautiful garden, it will make it all worth it.

I have cut in the edges of 3 of the 4 vege patches, one last night after dinner, and 2 this morning. One of the ornamental gardens in my backyard had also become overgrown with a creeping vine we call Wandering Jew ( not sure what it’s called elsewhere), I have managed to clear about a third of it this morning, it was smothering other plants, and most of those are now liberated from their doom. I have a mountain of crap on the back lawn now, and with two thirds of that garden to clear out still, I am going to mulch up what I have already pulled out, with the mower. All of that shredded vegetation will then get put onto the area the backyard vege patch is going.

Under all the weeds in that garden I have also discovered that my potatoes have been going great guns, I have the plain old white variety, as well as a variety called Kestrel, and another, a red variety, called Desiree. I like the Desiree best, as they have a flavour the others just can’t match. Great for potato salad !!!

Anyhow, feel rested enough for the mower mulching now, see you later !



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