The day after a bad day

Yesterday was a shitty day. It commenced with a phone call from the realestate agent saying that it would be best for me to pull the plan for my front vege gardens, as a neighbour had complained. Even though the landlord was okay with it, I decided, in the interest of reducing neighbourly conflict, to axe 2 of the garden beds out front, now I have only the one narrow one along the boundary between the 2 units, and my backyard one. I was very pissed off, and was so upset by it that it tipped me over the edge yesterday. As I have said before, it only takes one arsehole to fuck your day when you live a fine line between stability and depression.

So yeah, I ended up in such a horrible mental state yesterday that I retired to bed until my son needed to be picked up from school. I kept myself together until bedtime, and then had a night of some bloody weird and wonderful dreams. At least I slept well, and woke this morning like none of yesterday happened.

I did start to write a post about it yesterday, it was called “How One Arsehole Can Fuck Your Day”, but that was as far as it got, I was so messed up I couldn’t write past the title.

Anyhow, the fibro is bad, I was tipped over the edge, a whole world of fun.


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