Plant babies

The first of my seedlings has popped through the surface of the soil today. It started with 2 or 3 this morning, and now there are about a dozen. The marigolds, corn and sunflowers have arrived. Every time me and my son checked them out today, another one had appeared. It’s really quite exciting !!

It’s been a bit of a lazy day today, my son has watched a few movies, I’ve been writing and doing the odd task, but not much, and we’ve both at times soaked up a few rays in the backyard as the sun has been glorious today. I haven’t been anywhere, and I am quite satisfied to have done stuff all today.

Right now, my son is showering, and getting ready to go to bed, it’s school tomorrow. I said to my Facebook friends I was about to go to sleep, then what do I do, I open WordPress !!! ( Currently sitting here shaking my head and tutting at myself !!)

Oh well, because my son is now in the shower, and I can’t sleep without having one before I go to bed, I will have to stay up a bit longer, as the hot water doesn’t last long, pretty much enough for 1 person to have a decent shower, and then you have to wait about an hour for it to be hot enough again for another person. I could hurry him along to have a shorter shower, so I could then have a short shower, but that would be counter productive, a nice long warm shower will mean he goes to sleep within minutes of being tucked in, and a nice long shower means I will probably drift off in half an hour rather than 2 hours !!!

Having a lazy day today is a good thing. Tomorrow is my bed linen change day, I am going to mow my lawn, and hopefully also get my car washed, and it clean inside as well. That’s the plan anyhow !

I am somewhat more uplifted than I was a few days ago. No, I am not out of the slump in my mood yet, but I am not deep down in the hole either. I think one of the most important things for me is reading other people’s blogs. When I am being swallowed by the darkness and despair, reading about someone else experiencing the same thing makes me feel less alone, and actually helps me pull through. The internet is a truly marvelous thing in that regard.  People might bag out Facebook, I mean I do, but I can also see that when you are feeling isolated and lonely, having that human contact, that human interaction, if only words and images on a screen, you feel a little less alone. Same goes for blogging.

It would be interesting to see how many lives have been saved by the internet. I mean, I know I have stopped at least one person myself  from doing something to themselves.

I guess this also goes back to my last post a bit as well. That person needed to talk. They needed someone to listen. If someone wasn’t there, listening, giving them an opportunity to talk, I am pretty sure that they would no longer be here. I am sure of it. Listening can save lives.

When I first left the abuse nearly 5 years ago, I was very thankful for the online forum of a help group called Mensline. It was a very confusing time. I mean, I am suddenly a single parent, I’m trying to start to deal with the demons caused by years of sustained abuse, I am battling a system that can’t handle the idea of a sole custody single father, and really can’t ( and still can’t) seem to understand that women can be perpetrators of domestic violence and men can be the victims of that abuse. It was a full on moment in time. Mensline, and it’s online forum, along with commencing my first blog, got me through.

I am ever so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen over these past few years. I really am. I don’t know where I’d be without it.




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