14th of February, it’s a date.

No, don’t get all excited, there’s no news on the romance front for me yet !!

However, I must say, this has been the easiest Valentines Day as a single so far. Is that sad to say ?? I say, officially, that I have been single for 5 years now, although the last 18 months of my marriage was virtually like being single, only with a violent housemate. So, I guess, in reality, my status as single is probably more accurately nearly 7 years !! Doesn’t feel that long, but feels like an eternity at the same time.

Apart from the ever increasing in intensity and regularity of the fibromyalgia flare ups, I have felt rather loved for a while now. I mean, who can compare the love between a couple to that of the amazing love between a child and their parent ?

My son has been making me immensely proud recently, in lot’s of different ways. He has settled into his new school nicely, and has also become a much more grounded and leveled being. I think the influence of a few kids at his old school that had been friends since Kindergarten was probably a big issue. They seemed alright at Kinder, but have gone right off the rails at school, and sad to say, my son is very easily influenced, and so, because they were friends, he didn’t want to not fit in. Now at the new school, all those issues seem to have vanished into thin air, here’s hoping it continues. He is even better at home now too.

He won an award last week at school, for working hard. He also won, yet again, an award at the local country show for his artistic prowess, getting second place in the Grade 2/3 competition, which had work from students from all over the region, about 7 or 8 schools in total.

This afternoon, I sat quietly with my camera, taking snaps of a small group of kangaroos, which were grazing at the end of the verandah, 2 young ones, as well as an adult female and a large male. The male appeared to be moulting, and it has been dry recently, so looked a little thin. They were, and as I write, still are, grazing the green grass that is over the water discharge area of our septic system. It’s pretty much the only green anywhere around here at the moment. Honestly, they are about 6 or 7 metres away from where I am sitting in my room, I can see them in the soft light going through my bedroom window !!

I don’t know if I will write much more tonight, I am pretty weary, as I haven’t slept well for about 3 nights in a row, I have been waking constantly in pain with the fibromyalgia.

I hope you have all felt loved today, and if not, well,  love you all !! Goodnight.


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